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Janays Herbals


4121 Trotter Ridge Rd.
Durham, NC 27707


My father died at the age of 47. He had two sisters to die, one at age 45 and the other at age 44. He also had two brothers to die, one at age 32 and the other at age 52. In 1999, my oldest brother died at the age of 48. All of my family member’s deaths were because of Heart Attacks. In 2002, my nephew at the age of 26 had a heart attack and was able to survive. It was during this time that we found out that there were chemicals in our blood that made it clot very easily. I begin to research for natural cures that could help our problem. After thousands of hours of research, I was able to find a group of herbs that would help with our problem. This research brought forth our herbal supplement Manna II. In our research we found those same herbs were used in Europe during World War II by German Soldiers when they received burns and bruises in the field of battle. This was the start of our skin and hair care line known as Janay’s Herbal Products.

Our company’s name (BLO-GLO, INC., was established in 2005 in memory of my deceased brother whose nickname was “Blo” and my baby sister whose nickname was “Glo”. Their personalities and spirits are the driving forces that motivate our company to strive for excellence. We remain committed and dedicated to making the Outer Beauty match the Inner Beauty of every Janay’s customer.

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